2020 Executive Board Members / Leadership


Board Chairs - Roger McCollum

Board Vice-Chair - 

Board Secretary - Kitty Brinkman


Treasurer - Luanne Keith

     Vice Treasurers - Pat Zahn, Karen Sprugel, Helen Daniels, & Liz Hite

     Gifts and Memorials Committee - Ruby & Everett Shaver

Worship Ministry - Doug & Tonya Sharp

     Worship Planning Team led by Dave Culver

          Rachel Mason

          Avis Erickson

          Kate Kolek

          Paul Bailey

          Lisa Lowe

          Kellen Laws

Church Life Ministry - Dan Ray

     Chaplaincy/Visitation Committee - Paul Bailey

     Fellowship/Member Relations Committee - Avis Erickson

     Membership/Growth Committee - Roger McCollum

Stewardship and Finance Ministry - John Sprugel

     Stewardship Committee - John Sprugel

     Finance Committee - 

Spiritual Education and Development - Celeste Moore

     Children Committee - Sara Becker

     Youth Committee - Alison Culver, David & Lindsay Murray

     Adult Committee - Holly Weber

Communication and Technology Ministry - Joe McClain

     Communication Committee - Avis Erickson

     Social Media - Sara Person & Megan Bright

     Technology Committee - Joe McLain

Planning and Support Ministries - Georgia Ploetner

     Bylaws Committee -Colleen Sanders 

     Pastor Parish Personnel Relations - Georgia Ploetner

     Leadership Development Committee - Gary & Marilyn McCollough

     CSAP Committee - 

Outreach, Gifts and Services Ministry - David Murray

     Outreach Committee - Suzan Trotter

     Scholarship Committee - Glenda Ford

     Loaves and Fishes Committee - David Murray

     Family Promise - Tamara Hanes

     Wilkerson Food Pantry - Karen Russell & Lynn Wright

     Micah Ministry - Jean Mercer

     Long Range Planning - 

Property Ministry - Randy Phillips

Ex-officio Board Members

     Immediate Past Board Chairperson - Sara Person & Nancy Thomas

     Senior Minister  - Dave Culver

     Commissioned Minister - Dan Ray

Board of Trustees -

     Pam Strang, Gary McCollough, Paul Costello (Auditor),

     Karen Sprugel (Sec.)

2020 Voting Board members are underlined

2020 Executive Board Meeting Dates

7:00 p.m. - Temple Room

January 28th

February 25th

March 24th

April 28th

May 26th

June 23rd
July (No Board Meeting)

August 25th

September 22nd

October 27th

November 24th

December (No Board Meeting)