11-28-2021 WaitingRev. Dave Culver


Welcome to Liberty Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)


On behalf of Liberty Christian Church, we welcome you! We are honored that you have chosen to live out your faith here. All who follow the way of Christ are welcome here.


At Liberty Christian Church, we believe that God has brought us together at this time and place to share in becoming the body of Christ. Our open and forward-thinking congregation welcomes ALL people. We challenge, encourage, and support one another as we grow our faith in Jesus. 


Liberty Christian Church is more than a beautiful 110 year old building with incredible stained glass windows; it is the people in the congregation and the relationships that we are building. Not just within this church but with our neighbors and other local churches.


Within these walls we learn to grow spiritually in our faith by challenging one another, supporting and comforting those in need, and loving one another. Outside these walls we live life as Jesus teaches by helping those in need, caring for those less fortunate, and loving our neighbors as ourselves.


Now is an exciting time to be at LCC, a place that offers genuine and authentic spiritual communion. Through our numerous outreach ministries together we can make a more powerful impact in our local community.


We encourage you to get involved with one or more of the ministries to make your experience here more fulfilling. 


The leadership is available to answer any questions you may have.


Again, welcome and we are very glad that you have chosen to be a new member of our faith community.